Student Waiting List


SM - Very pleasant intellectually-disabled young man, attends ARC every day 8am-2pm.  Knows most letters but can’t read words.  Wants to be tutored at ARC.  Goal is to read the lunch schedule and help with bus schedules.  Prefers female tutor, likes older people. BOOK:  LWR 1

ADDeaf lady, referred to us by DORS.  Was evaluated at Book 3 but previous tutor feels she’s very basic; may want to start at the beginning.  Doesn’t drive.  Can meet at Hgr library.  BOOK:  LWR 3

DVTutor had to retire for medical reasons but says student is working in a library book comparing pictures, letters and numbers.  Can meet at Easter Seals on Mondays.

JHTutor had to retire for medical reasons but says student is a wonderful student who loves to read and write the busy work.  Can meet at Easter Seals.  Is very motivated.  BOOK:  LWR 2

NMYoung woman living in group home.  Attends school M-F mornings and works M-W evenings.  Knows all her letters/vowels/etc but needs help w/comprehension.  Is not comfortable with other people at first but will gradually open up.  Thinks before she talks and reads the whole page/list before reading out loud.  Really enjoys filling in text/puzzles in workbooks.  Wants to meet tutors Thurs or Fri afternoon/evening.  BOOK: LWR 2

MH - Older lady who needs help with pronunciation and life skills.  BOOK:  LWR 1.

AL - Had a tutor w/FCLC 10-12 yrs ago, thinks they were on LWR 4 until tutor quit for health reasons.  Wants help w/HCC placement tests.  Read easy words/stories fine but struggled w/bigger words.  Needs help w/comprehension and to slow down.  Can meet Tues/Thur afternoon but is flexible.   BOOK:  LWR 2 / BTM 1

JS - Middle-aged man who went up to 5th grade.  Knows his letters/vowels/etc but needs help putting them together.  Struggles w/vowels, writing, spelling.  Wants to start slow w/tutor (1x/month) and doesn’t want to meet weekends.  His comprehension/retention were excellent.  Likes to work on 4-wheelers/cars/ motorcycle/etc, caseworker says “he’s a mechanical genius.”  Doesn’t drive, wants to meet at TLC possibly Mondays mid-morning but sked changes monthly.  BOOK:  LWR 2 / Spelling 1



MD - Hispanic lady, attending Frostburg.  Needs help w/math.  Can meet almost anytime at HCC or the library.  Sked changes so meeting times will have to be scheduled as they come.  BOOK:  she has HCC books.

ED - Very motivated Chinese lady.  Wants help understanding her mail, insurance papers, etc.  Drives.  Previous tutor had to retire due to health reasons but says Ellen is a “delight.”  Can meet Tuesday mornings.  BOOK:  Doesn’t use.

AH - Husband Hal is her ESC.  He believes Anh’s english is between Beginning and Intermediate.  They run nail salon in Hgr and she wants to speak better english to her customers.  BOOK:  ENP 3

GG - Hispanic lady, works in the morning, wants to meet Tutor in the afternoon, and has Wednesdays off, drives.  Was working with a Tutor in Frederick before she moved to Hgr.  BOOK:  Grammar, Idioms.

FC - 
Chinese lady who’s english is very basic.  Drives.  Wants a tutor from 8:30-9:30am.  Wants to bring 17 yr old niece Ye Chen along, Ye’s writing/reading may be better than Fan’s.  BOOK:  ENP L

AS / MP / IP - 
3 Hispanic young women who want to tutor together.  Abby is ESC.  Mariana has virtually no English, Ivette has very little.  Lives within walking distance from TLC, want to meet on the weekends.  BOOK:  ENP L.